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"All ah we is One"

Sampoon International

Recognizing that in order to  be a whole person we must acknowledge our place on this earth.  Sampoon International is dedicated to intercultural communication and understanding that in the broadest sense, all of us are one.












The Sampoon Club

The source of all things "Sampoon". Founded circa 1981, The Sampoon Club is an organization tasked with promoting quality in all aspects of life.  The Sampoon Club encourages positive behavior and positive mental, physical, social and academic growth.                                                                              

Additionally, a strong sense of teamwork and entrepenurial spirit is an integral part of our mission. The Club is a brotherhood built on mutual respect and an understanding that  things deemed odd or unusual are interesting just the same.



Sampoon Communications Technologies  

     SAMCOM & SamcomTech. 

Communications and information systems consulting, design and installation for  the residential, academic and small business operations of today. 


Sampoon Productions

Sampon Productions is the Multi-media production arm of Sampoon International.  Sampoon Productions is dedicated to smaller projects and supporting larger operations.  SP  was a pioneer of the high school reality film genre and their first feature film "1984", changed the way reality docu-dramas were produced.